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Workshops with the SAC and New PathwaysPosted: Wednesday, February 8
The SAC and a counselor from substance abuse treatment agency, New Pathways, will be conducting workshops in the health classrooms.

11th grade workshops on 2/23/17 and 2/28/17
-Club drugs, Hallucinogens & Cocaine

10th grade workshops on 5/2/17 and 5/11/17
- Abuse and Misuse of Prescription and Over the Counter Medications

9th grade workshops on 5/18/17 and 5/23/17
-Marijuana (Continued...)

Scheduled ProgramsPosted: Wednesday, February 8
Assembly on 2/22/17:
Steered Straight will be speaking to the 10th and 11th graders followed by the 8th graders about Nicotine, Alcohol, and Marijuana.

Workshops on 3/22/17 and 3/29/17:
Bergen County Therapy Group will be coming to the 11th grade health classrooms to conduct workshops on High Expectations and Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

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